Specialized Non-Destructive Testing

Specialized Non-Destructive Testing

Integral to our range of services, FCI offers Specialised Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and inspection to complement our other traditional Quality Assurance and Quality Control Services. These services help our clients to improve plant reliability, reduce operational and maintenance costs, enhance safety, extend plant life and meet regulatory requirements.

We believe our personnel are our greatest assets. Besides state of the art equipment for best results, we have highly trained and certified inspectors to perform your inspection. Our inspectors are experienced and have technical expertise to conduct the inspection surveys to international standard. Our reputation within all industries is not only known for our quality of personnel and equipment but equally our professionalism and knowledge.

FCI's comprehensive range of inspection techniques ensures that we remain at the forefront of Specialised Non-Destructive Testing.

Advanced UT (manual and automated)
Corrosion Mapping
Ultrasonic imaging of complex geometries, pipes, plates and curved surface for remaining wall thickness measurement with different sectional viewing; side, plan and end view.

Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)
An ultrasonic technique that can be used to examine welds in pressure vessels and pipes.

A & B Scan Enhancement Imaging (ABI Scan)
ABI scan imaging technique provides inspection of welds located in difficult access areas and complicated geometries. Graphical records are kept for hard copy evidence and post processing.

Floor Map Imaging
Flaw detection and corrosion screening using guided and surface waves for inspecting annular plates and corrosion under pipe supports.

Automated Ultrasonic Testing / Corrosion mapping System:
Mechanized scanners that are computer controlled to move transducers over the surface of the material being inspected. As the transducer moves, the computerized system acquires ultrasonic inspection data on a predefined grid, often acquiring data from a number of different transducers at one time. The data is then displayed within the computerized interface, allowing the operator to manipulate it to provide the data displays that show the areas of interest within the inspection volume. AUT system can utilize ultrasonic transducer or technique that is in operation, examples of which are conventional ultrasonic transducers, TOFD, phased array transducers, or any combination of these. AUT inspection can be used for inspection of newly fabricated welds in lieu of radiography, and also for in-service inspection to detect and trend flaws
Electro Magnetic Testing (EMA) – ACFM
Advanced Radiography Techniques
MFL Tank Floor Scanning
PECT (Pulsed Eddy Current)
Phased Array
Tube Inspection Services
Electro Magnetic Acoustic Testing (EMAT)
Long Range UT Guided Wave Inspection
Remote Visual Inspection Services (CCTV)
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